Earn Animal Jam Gems The Wise Way

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Game cash is imperative for the progress in any game. It is the same with Animal Jam. It is a game that has had a high rate of download and notched up to fifty million players worldwide. Thus the competition is tough.  Despite having so many players and the same hard fast bound rules to go about the game, there are ways you can give other players a tough fight. You will need in game money to progress in the game. There are certain ways which are out of the ordinary to earn money.  These are in-game strategies that you can use to fare better than the others.

Earning gems is easy, the more games you play within the Jamaa. The more likely you are to earn cash.  Amongst all of them, sky high is the best option. Playing sky high will not only let you earn a lot of gems but will count them for you too. If sky high does not interest you, you can try your hand at sol arcade. The game which is known as overflow can boot your gems collection. You can play for the difficult mode to earn more cash, but try it only if you think you are ready.

Gem codes also let you earn free gems. There various authorized website all over the internet that provides animal jam free membership and gem codes. All you have to do is get the codes and insert the code when the authorized sites ask for it. Link it with your account and you will see a boost in your game gems. Not only online. If you also subscribe to kids magazine from national geographic, there too you will find an insert that has gems code in it. Using these gem codes will allow you to get the gems for the game for free. That is, you will not have to log in manual hours into playing the game.

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While playing animal jam, you will have a buddy list. The people on your friend list are primarily there to help you with trading which is also necessary for the game.  Sending virtual gifts to the people on your buddy list might also help you in cracking a deal that has gems in return. The better gi9fts you send your friends, the higher chances you have of getting a better collection of gems in return. Try and send each friend a gift. You might have a small buddy list or a large one. Either way, being thoughtful about them will let them treat you with better returns.

The last but the most well proven way to earn gems is to partake in adventures. The animal you use does not matter as much as you completing the adventure that you have started. Completing the adventures provide you with a prize.  If you want to gather more coins, you can try selling the prizes that you have received in return for completing your adventure successfully.  However, be careful while selling or trading off your prizes. Some of the awards that you receive can already come with gems. Try and collect some chests throughout the game; it will give you higher chances of having gems.

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